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Monday, June 05, 2006

How to read this page

Welcome, thank you for stopping by.

You'll note that the center column is where this blogs posts appear in chronological order, most recent on the top, scrolling down to the last on this page, then it rolls over into the archives which are collected by month in the right column.

Yes, that is a black and white picture of moi. Take last year by my wife while we were enjoying dinner at a Bubba Gump restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina. It was the best I could do for a picture at the time, but stay tuned the best is yet to come!

The top section contains My Important Links. These provide some additional insights into who writes here and why that have been pulled aside to make it easier to find.

The distractions scrolling on your left are rotational headlines from my other blogs:
The two static buttons are also where I blog or blog about. Team Synergy is a group blog looking to explore the "Power of We". Blogidarity is our group fund raising effort. We "sponsor" a fund raising organization periodically and attempt through our blogging efforts to raise awareness of the organization and hopefully to allow them to raise some money. This is where I put my money where my mouth is! I also blog at 100Bloggers but I have not put a button together yet.

Before we go below the page line, on the right, the second box contains the subscription options. Hopefully, it will enable you to pick you choice. If you use Bloglines (as I do) there is a button. If you use another RSS reader, then the XML button should work for you. If you prefer subscription via email, then enter your email into the Feedblitz button and you should be on your way. If you have a Technorati account, you can add this blog to your favorites with the button.

On the left side, just under the headlines, is the CoComment section. One of my favorite finds for 2006. I could never always remember where I visited (and I do usually visit quite a few blogs during the course of a week) and where I left a comment. This is like the bread crumb tracker that Hansel and Gretel needed! I can go back to where I left a comment and find out if anyone added to it. Overtime, as more people use CoComment, their comments will appear automatically here, so I won't have to go too far to look. Yes, I am lazy like that.

Back over to the right side. Below the subscription options, you'll find the Franklin, MA weather snapshot. Then the listing of previous posts followed by My Important Links. These provide some additional insights into who writes here and why that have been pulled aside to make it easier to find.

Then the all important for the often neglected archives. My archives here do not go back too far. Stay tuned, they will build over time. One of the benefits of the scrolling headlines on the top left corner, you can see where I have posted most recently so if I have not been writing here, I may have been busy elsewhere.

Underneath the archives, last but not least on the page is the blogroll or listing of the top sites I would recommend for others to visit. I try to keep my listing current and worthwhile. There are changes from time to time. Burningbird has just recently stopped blogging so I need to remove that listing. I have visited other blogs and when I tried to follow links on their blogroll, many of them are dead. That irks me so I don't like it to happen here.

Oh and the template is curtesy of Thur Broders. I used his standard 3 column template and made modifications to develop the color schemes for each of my personal blogs. He gets the credit. He knows way more html coding than I do.

Well, I hope this helps you to navigate around the page. Do not hesitate to click on a link. It will usually take you some place good. I try to check all my links. If you do find a broken one, please let me know. I do not like for folks to have a bad experience, especially since I write about creating good experiences!

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