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Thursday, March 29, 2007

sharing our passions

"One of the best ways of ensuring our children both play and develop lifelong habits of play is to share our personal passions with them. Our passions are activities we love and engage in whenever we have the opportunity to do so. Whether golf, gardening, fishing, or jogging, passions give us a creative outlet that we may not find in our jobs or professions. They allow us to realize our personal talents and abilities. Children are blessed when we have passions that we can share with them. While they might not take them up, they have the opportunity to see us engaged in something we love and do for no other reason than the shear pleasure of doing it."

From The Power of Play by David Elkind

I have run for 30 plus years. I did not always run every day, usually 3-4 days per week. Since I've used the FIRST plan, it has generally been 3 days per week. My daughters have not known me without an association to running.

They have been exposed to our diverse musical tastes. They have been exposed to our love of reading. One of the key factors in determining the layout of our 3-season porch was the requirement for four comfortable chairs so all of us would have a place to read together.

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