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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Kindergarten Lessons

Okay, first a disclaimer that I do have something of a bias about this person whom I am to share with you: Dolores and I have been happily married for going on 24 years with two wonderful young ladies to be proud of.
But I could pick up any number of notes or letters from a parent who have written such nice thank yous for all the work Dolores does with their son or daughter in her kindergarten class. Work, yes it most certainly is work. Many hours are spent preparing her lessons, preparing her room for the kids when they arrive. There are weeks where she probably works more than I do in the corporate world. That she only gets paid for the classroom time is a story for another time.
Kindergarten is a critical time in one's education. It officially starts the formal education. Technically the primary grades begin the next year, but this gets the child established in a new routine most of the time in the same school they will spend their next several years.
They walk into the room in late August unsure of themselves, in some cases not wanting to let go of their parents. Dolores gradually gets them settled into a routine. They get involved in doing daily jobs. They learn to make choices to work at different centers at times during the day. Their Fifth Grade buddies join them during the year and they work on projects together. The 100th Day comes along and with it special activities.
Then it is June and time to say goodbye to all their friends. Some they will see in the 1st Grade come the new school year in September. Some may leave the neighborhood. When they do leave Dolores' kindergarten classroom, they are as prepared as a kindergartner can be.
Check out Dolores's web page. She keeps it updated to keep the parents informed of what is happening during the year. She posts her weekly newsletter "The Kindergarten Times". She captures quick a few pictures for the Photo Gallery.
If I could start over again, I would start in kindergarten. Those are fun days. So much to do and learn.
Yes, there is inspiration here for all of us on the life long learning journey.
Approach each day as if you were in kindergarten.
What a world it will be for you to make it your own!
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