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Monday, October 16, 2006

Dodge Poetry Sampler - Friday Afternoon

The line up for the Poetry Sampler on Friday afternoon was alphabetical. Each poet had about 5 minutes to provide a sample of their work. 19 poets in a row. It went something like this:
Ekiwah Adler-Belendez                "Haiku"         "Coyote's trace"
Taha Muhammed Ali (with Peter Cole)            "Revenge"
Lucille Clifton             "Grandma Moses"         "After blues"
Billy Collins            "The death of a next door neighbor"            "What loves does"
Toi Derricotte         "I stink"
Mark Doty        "House of beauty"
Jorie Graham         "Studies in secrecy"
Linda Gregg          "The wait"           "Alone with the goddess"
Tony Hoagland             "Romantic moment"
Linda Hogan          "History of red"            "Other side of the twin"
Ko Un (with Peter Sillberg)           "seritaph"           "rowing with one oar"
Kurtis Lamkin      "Princely language"
Andrew Motion          "A1 mechanics"           "The mower"
Taslima Nasreen          "You go girl"              "Letter to my mother"
Linda Pastan           "Notes from the delivery room"             "Short history of Judaic thought"
Gerald Stern            "Lillies"
Sekou Sundiata        Baraka's "lowku"      "New American theater"
Brian Turner                  "Eulogy"
Anne Waldman          "Allan Ginsburg will never..." (first line)               "The writing dance"
The pictures to accompany this listing can be found here.
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