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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Main Stage - Thursday Evening = Gerald Stern

Gerald Stern was the last to take the Main Stage on Thursday evening at the Dodge Poetry Festival. Jim Haba , Fesitval Director, did the introduction (as usual) and included an image to describe Gerald. Jim had recently been to Home Depot and some young kids were going down the aisles with their parents, the parents walking the kids with those sneakers that have the wheels in them, they pick up their toes, lean back on their heels, and scoot away. He said the image of the kids scooting down the aisles reminded him of Gerald's writing. He just scoots along.
"Shove it in" (Creeley)
A Robert Creeley poem in honor of Robert who passed away earlier this year.
"Lilacs for Ginsburg"
"Hydranga" from the book American Sonnets
"Still burning"
"Dream free"
"One poet"
"Save the last dance for me"
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