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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Poets on Poetry: Lucille Clifton

My notes from Lucille Clifton's "Poets on Poetry" session Thursday afternoon at the Dodge Poetry Festival . She is sitting this time. She can't stand for a long period due to some health problems. Her voice and spirit is still very good. She wants to be here.
She started talking of poetry as sound, she heard mystery and music in the language. She explored the connections between things. The space between towns where no one lives. It is a mystery.
She does not understand why we as a civilized people can not show emotion. She talked of the example that Jackie Kennedy provided when the President was shot.
If things matter, you know them.
"Mulberry fields"
Allow it to happen, pay attention to what you listen to, see what you look at.
Learn to trust intuition. Art is a balance of intuition and intellect.
As I look back over my notes, I don't know why there are so few for this session. I recall liking it.
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