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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

memory and learning

I spent 2.5 days last week at work with the ITIL Foundations class culminating in the exam. Yes, I passed. I thought I would have done better than I did. There is only so much memorization that can occur in such a short time. We were able to work a simulation game that helped those in the class see and appreciate the impact that the ITIL processes can have on an operation. It was delightful to see the light bulbs going off in the heads of my classmates as they made the connections!

I find this video link via the WServerNews letter and can only wonder how he would have done with this exam. Should have passed easily! With such a memory! And the recall for such detail!

Go ahead, click though to view the video then return for my final comment.

I'll wait for you.

I am not going anywhere.


Okay, wasn't that something?

As impressive as Stephen is, he does not have it all. None of us do. Let's be happy with what we have and use those skills to their fullest.

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