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Thursday, January 04, 2007

On the tenth day of Christmas

my teacher sent to me
Ten trackbacks a-tracking,
Nine podcasters a-casting,
Eight Skypers skyping,
Seven geese a-honking,
Six tags a-tagging,
Five jubilant learners,
Four annual forums,
Three blogging tools,
Two thoughts inspiring,
And a joyful network for learning.

What is a trackback?

When someone creates a post, you can comment on their posting. If what you would like to write would take more time/space than a comment would allow, then you can create a trackback. You create your own post on your own blog, and then link back to the original with a trackback. There is usually a special reference number or URL for this. I use Haloscan to create trackbacks for my Blogger blogs.

Trackbacks are not easily created. Haloscan has improved since I first started using it. It now will prefill the title, permanent link and a snippet of the opening text for you. You then need to input the reference number/URL for the trackback and ping the server.

S*p*a*mmers did a number on some blogs with automated trackbacks so trackbacks are not very much used today.

Trackbacks do create "link love" and are appreciated by most if not all bloggers no matter how much they are a pain to create.

Will you trackback today?

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Blogger Troy Worman said ... (4:17 PM) : 

Will you trackback today? Absolutely! But first, I have to learn how.


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