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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lessons from the Icicles

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The front porch railing has new ornaments this morning. The melting snow on the roof dripped over the edge and fell to the railing below gradually, drop by drop, forming this series of icicles.

If the melting was allowed to continue (the roof is south facing) with the air temperature stil hovering around the freezing mark, these icicles would continue to grow downward and then outward. If left long enough, they could fill in the gap between the ballisters, creating a frozen window.

Alas, this may not happen today. The south facing may heat up too much to allow this phenomenom.

I admire Natures persistence. It will drip, and form, and continue to do so as long as the conditions allow. It will not give up because it will be too warm today or if it were to realize the action would be futile.

Are you as persistent in your learning?
It only takes a little effort each day to be open to learning.

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