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Friday, March 02, 2007

A Love Affair with Books

The lineup is impressive!

The number posted is growing as the month passes day by day!

Jump on over, subscribe, participate, and enjoy!

March 1:
Made to Stick, written by Chip and Dan Heath
Reviewed by Tim Milburn

March 2:
Setting the Table, written by Danny Meyer

Reviewed by Rosa Say

March 3:
GRUB, written by Anna Lappe and Bryant Terry
Reviewed by Mary Hunt

March 4:
Love is the Killer App, written by Tim Sanders
Reviewed by Benjamin Bach

March 5:
Authentic Leadership, written by Bill George
Reviewed by Dean Boyer

March 6:
Two Weeks to a Breakthrough: How to Zoom Toward Your Goal in 14 Days or Less, written by Lisa Haneberg
Reviewed by Dwayne Melancon

March 7:
Do Less, Achieve More, written by Chin-Ning Chu
Reviewed by Karen Wallace

March 8:
Your Brain on Music, written by Daniel Levitin
Reviewed by Steve Sherlock

March 9:
The Zen of Groups, A Handbook for People Meeting With a Purpose
, written by Dale Hunter, Anne Bailey and Bill Taylor
Reviewed by Lisa Haneberg

March 10:
The Omnivore's Dilemma, written by Michael Pollan
Reviewed by Bren Connelly

March 11: Trackback Sunday. Can’t choose just one book? Now that is a great problem to have! This will be the day to trackback a post here with other book reviews published elsewhere!

March 12:
Wherever You Go There You Are, written by Jon Kabat-Zinn
Reviewed by Chris Owen

March 13:
Move Closer Stay Longer, written by Dr. Stephanie Burns
Reviewed by Beth Robinson

March 14:
Leaders’ Playbook, How to Apply Emotional Intelligence: Keys to Great Leadership, written by Reldan Nadler
Reviewed by Wayne Hurlbert

March 15:
The Sundering, Banewreaker and Godslayer, a two-volume work written by Jacqueline Carey
Reviewed by EM Sky

March 16:
The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama
Reviewed by Nneka

March 17:
Citizen Marketers by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba
Reviewed by Phil Gerbyshak

March 18: Trackback Sunday 2. Did you miss this sign-up? Never fear ...this is your second chance to trackback a post here with other book reviews published elsewhere!

March 19:
How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less, written by Nicholas Boothman
Reviewed by John Richardson

March 20:
Seeing David in the Stone, written by James B. Swartz and Joseph E. Swartz
Reviewed by Terry Starbucker

March 21:
The Difference Maker, written by John C. Maxwell
Reviewed by Tim Draayer

March 22:
Oh the Places You'll Go!, written by Dr. Seuss
Reviewed by Dave Rothacker

March 23:

The Starfish and the Spider, by Ori Brafman and Rod A. Beckstrom

Reviewed by Dave Rothacker

March 25: Trackback Sunday 3. Still reading? Fantastic! Third chance to trackback a post here with other book reviews published elsewhere!

March 26:

Rapid Fire Learning March 2007 (boy oh boy, will we have some great sharing on this day after all these reviews!)

March 27:
StrengthsFinder 2.0, written by Tom Rath
Reviewed by David Zinger

March 28:
One, written by Lance Secretan
Reviewed by Greg Balanko-Dickson

March 29:
Think and Grow Rich, written by Napoleon Hill and newly edited by Ross Cornwell
Reviewed by Carolyn Manning

March 31:
Go Put Your Strengths to Work, written by Marcus Buckingham
Reviewed by Blaine Collins

The summary as published at JJL, includes the books that were covered during the trackbacks as well.

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