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Friday, February 23, 2007

Rapid Fire Learning - Feb 2007

Almost March already, where does time go? While there is still time for more learning, here what I have thus far:

1 - Found that recording the Jewel concert in South Station worked pretty well with my podcast kit from PodCamp Boston. This gave me practice editing with Audacity as I split the 46 minute concert into individual MP3 song files.

2 - Found that there are a lot of Jewel fans cruising the Internet and a good number of them found my pages when I posted the previously mentioned MP3 files. Jewel fans, thanks for stopping by!

3 - Ran in a road race using the race as a workout as I follow my recovery plan. I decided to carry my camera with me to truly be a tourist for the race and ensure that I did not get caught up in the excitement and run faster than I was ready for. Learned that I can take pictures on the run.

4 - I learned that there are 10 dimensions and not just four. I don't understand them enough (yet) to be able to explain them to someone but I like how Rob Bryanton does the explanation!

5 - The web is indeed a place for connections. I am heading to the BeyondBroadcasting 2007 on Saturday, carpooling with a couple of local bloggers. One I had met at PodCamp Boston, and the second I met through the first. Hurray for connections!

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Comments on "Rapid Fire Learning - Feb 2007"


Anonymous Blaine Collins said ... (5:54 PM) : 

Busy month Steve! Thanks for the list.

Have fun the BeyondBroadcasting 2007. I know you'll be sharing your expereince.

Boston seems to be a big destination for relatively low-cost blogging/Internet conferences and "unconferences," of which you seem to take full advantage.

The Social Media Club is meeting in Dallas soon. Do you or others have familiarity with that group that you might share?


Anonymous Dave LaMorte said ... (6:02 PM) : 

First PodCamp and now I'm going to be in you working group at Beyond Broadcast 2007.


Blogger Steve Sherlock said ... (6:37 AM) : 

Thanks for stopping by, Blaine. I am looking forward to this event. Based upon what I have read and seen come out of last years it should be good. I think one of Boston's advantages is the college community. There are so many colleges in and around the city, the atmosphere is good for this kind of advanced stuff and with the market of "poor" college kids, to make it accessible.

I recall seeing a Social Media event here in Boston too. I'll have to find out where I saw that.

Dave, too coincidental heh! We'll have to talk sometime today.


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