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Friday, February 16, 2007

Quotes & Links

From Tim Sanders writing at Sanders Says
He trusted their musical judgment enough to look for the beauty of the beat. One player remarked, and I believe this, "trust is a two way street."
Read Tim's full posting here about the coach that listened to the music his players listed to.

From Joy des Jardins guest blogging at Time Goes By
So what’s the lesson to be learned here? That as soon as each one of us is old enough to realize the gift that we have been given, we should give back and treat others the way they were meant to be treated - with respect and understanding, love and compassion. Not in bits and pieces, but every day.
Read Joy's full posting here.

From Robert Brady writing at Pureland Mountain
When I was in college I didn't need naps most of the time because I was already asleep anyway, since being a creature of the night I slept well beyond nap time, which was only a minor disappointment. Still, I remained an interested amateur. So I didn't realize my full siesta potential until I lived in Spain, where my soporific exercises helped me rise to the Olympian level of afternoon somnolence that I now enjoy on pretty close to a daily basis. When the whole country is filled with Zs and even the labs are closed for siesta, the tendency is to go lie down and close your eyes.
Read Robert's full posting on the recent study about the benefits of napping.


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