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Monday, February 12, 2007

5 Things - Why I blog?

Rosa has tossed the gauntlet again. This time with another 5 Things Meme on Why I Blog?

You may recall my earlier writing on How I blog here and here.


1 - It's free. Until I started podcasting, I did not spend a penny for blogging. Oh, it cost me time and effort but the ROI on that was exponential.

2 - It's easy. I love to explore new things and love equally to write about those findings here and there and where ever it makes sense to do so. This is after all just a hobby. Someday maybe I'll have more time to do this.

3 - It's connections. Finding and meeting folks with similar and diverse interests around the world. Connecting the dots, learning from one and the other.

4 - Just because I can!
5 - I don't need a fifth reason. I stretched to find the fourth.

I am curious about your reasons for blogging or if you do not, why not?

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