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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Notes from the Panel: Participatory Culture

Moderated by Jesse Walker. The three panelists were Elizabeth Osdar, Kenny Miller, and Arin Crumley (Arin via video chat session from LA)

Kenny Miller talked about

Navigational dominance

Democratization of bandwidth

How do you enter in a respectful way?

Basic tribal behavior, what team are you on?

Zero sum game, how much attention time do people have and what are they going to do with it?

Troubadours ultimately bought by Kings/princes to sing, tell their tale; it’s all about folks with power and money trying to game the system

Notes from Elizabeth :

Look more into Yahoo news, collaboration

Yahoo Bought MyBlogLog

10 to 1 pix vs video being shared; i.e. photos easier

Notes from Arin:

Creator of 4 eyed monsters, live from LA via video and chat

Ultimately needed power and the proper volume setting to be heard

9 months got 3000 viewers via festivals, online episode one got seen by over 3000 in first 36 hours

Have ultimately more additional content (more minutes) than actually was in the original film

MySpace comments much more revealing than the festival Q&A sessions, they got worked into the next episodes because the videos and comments were almost real time

Solicited email and zip codes to represent locations where they came from to interpret demand and then approach the theaters with the defined demand to arrange for showings

Ken again: "The end" site started with a moderator, then grew up to be self policing

Elizabeth again: What you witness news; changing the notion of what is newsworthy, what is the tone? How personal does it get

Note to self: Consider getting a MySpace account to create a touch point for audience awareness

Yahoo considers their news site a navigation network, point to sites with news on and off their place

Note: to reader, these will get fleshed out properly later.


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