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Monday, May 28, 2007

Danny Meyer's "Always Be Collecting the Dots"

Working my way through Danny Meyer's Setting the Table. Yes, you may recall that this was part of the Love Affair with Books in March. The posting there inspired me to add it to my reading list. The following quote reminds me of my "Bingo theory".

Dots are information. The more information you collect, the more frequently you can make meaningful connections that can make other people feel good and give you an edge in business. Using whatever information I've collected to gather guests together in a spirit of shared experiences is what I call connecting the dots. If I don;t turn over the rocks, I won't see the dots. If I don't collect the dots, I can't connect the dots. If I don't know that someone works, say, for a magazine whose managing editor I happen to know, I've lost a chance to make a meaningful connection that could enhance our relationship with the guest and the quest's relationship with us. The information is there. You just have to choose to look.

Are you a collector?

Are you a connector?

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