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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Poets on Poetry: Tony Hoagland

These are my notes from Tony Hoagland's "Poets on Poetry" session on Thursday. The session was a mix of poems and some commentary with a few questions from the audience towards the end. A few poems were from memory, mostly he shuffled papers to find the poem he wanted to read. You can assume that the poems he read (in quote marks) are his unless specified otherwise. If there are any errors, they are likely due to omission on either his or my part. No malice intended.
"Song of Speaks Fluently"
"Dream song #5"  John Berryman
"O mercy"
"Permanent" - Kenneth Koch
"Dick head"
"For Grace after a party" - Frank O'Hara
a good poem usually has one of three elements; entertainment, energy, or violence.
"Phone call"
"21st Night" - Anna Akhmatova
"Food Court"
"Nature Poem" - Richard Brautigan
"Hate Hotel"
"How it all adds up"
good poems should have some motion, take a turn at the end.
Find something between two things to talk about, become trained to look for it.
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