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Friday, September 22, 2006

Questions of Synergy - #4

Continuing to answer Rosa Say's questions posted to Team Synergy ., this is her fourth question:

RELATIONSHIP ESSENTIALS: We talk about the value of relationships with good reason. What are the things we will still need to learn from each other, and only from each other?

I think of all the things we can learn, the thing that we can only learn from each other is each others story. Anyone can teach us how to write, knit, cook, play basketball, blog, etc. Granted some teachers will be better than others but these items we can learn from almost any teacher.
No one knows your story better than you. No one else can tell your story.
Tell me your story. 
I'll tell you my story.
In the magic that will come from this exchange, we will come to appreciate the diversity of each our own backgrounds, respect for the steps that we each took to get where we are, and the wealth of info that each can bring to the table.
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