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Friday, September 15, 2006

Source of personal accomplishment

I met Kirk several years ago and have been subscribing to his Thought 4 the Day (T4D). His email this week was worth re-posting in whole. He gets the credit!
So many of my greatest personal accomplishments in life were not preceded by me “believing in myself” but by someone I respected and trusted telling me that they knew I could do it.  It was their sincere belief in me that gave me enough courage, faith and hope to take action.  In the end, when the task I never would have attempted without their encouragement was complete they never seemed surprised, and they never praised me for, what to me was a great accomplishment.  Instead they would in a matter of fact manner say something to the effect of, “I knew you could do it.”  Their belief helped set me free, it helped to get me going and growing, and now that I also knew I could do it,  I could never do less.   Kirk Weisler
Check out his web site and subscribe to the T4D.
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