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Sunday, October 01, 2006

You could call it the beginning of the end

Trevor has started us down a road we were not aware of when we started blog Synergy once upon a time.

The energy was there. The energy is still amongst us.

The relationships built will be lasting. The relationships are continuing to expand.

The experiment in developing synergy was successful. There is no denying that simple fact. The capabilities of each individual have been improved by the interactions and collaborations with others, that is SYNERGY!

However, the other activities we have are beginning to take more of our time so it is appropriate to let the blog Synergy expire. I will have more to say as the week progresses but wanted to acknowledge Trevor's comments as they occurred. Thank you, Trevor!

They say: as one door closes, another opens. Be watchful for the open doors!

There are quite a few.

Stay tuned!

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