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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Connections - is it viral?

When I was checking out Google News this week, I caught an article in the online version of the Daily Mail with a story on how a man with a special computer implant is now able to control his robotic arm with his mind. Talk about mind control. He needed to learn to control the robotic arm. But he was able to do so.

The story actually comes out of research being done with the man from MA. He received the implant at Rhode Island Hospital and then the sessions took place "down the road" at New England Sinai Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre.
interesting to note that the events happening locally were brought to my attention by a newspaper outside the area. Another sign of the times?
The power of the mind is absolutely amazing! Yes, you can do it. Of course, you need to think of it and then believe it, but if you believe it and persist, it can happen. This story is a case in point of the kind of success that can be achieved.

Success is available to all of us. For example, Phil has a great life because he chooses to make it great! This month at the blog Synergy, he has started the topic of unleashing the power of we to achieve your goals. By publishing his goals to his community, he has drawn them into helping keep him on track to reach the goals.

Troy chimed in with a posting on this topic and referencing Phil's post from March on accountability circles. I have a post from February on Circle Recognition, which gets at the same point of defining where your circle of influence lies and within which you have control. If you try control items outside your circle of influence, you will have less success as you have less control.

I guess that is why we are together as part of team Synergy!

So do you have goals?

Have you shared them with someone?

If not, it might be a good idea to do so. Enlist the power of your committment to those you have told to help make your goals.

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