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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Traffic on the Hudson

Traffic on the Hudson Originally uploaded by shersteve.
This is a photo taken from Eisenhower Hall overlooking the Hudson at West Point on Sunday July 2nd.

One of the reasons West Point exists is due to its prime location on the Hudson. The river bends here. The river narrows here. The Point is positioned well for defense with both some flat area and hill overlooks.

One of the defense mechanisms in the early days was a chain strung across the Hudson to prevent boats from passing.

Now, think back to those early days. It was quite an effort to string the chain across the river. They did not have the automated and powerful machinery available to us today. They used their heads and what brute force they could leverage to accomplish what they did.

Go into survival mode for a day. Or at least consider, survival mode.

How would you get through the day without the automation and efficiencies that we take for granted:

running water
flush toilets

the list could go on, and on, and on...

You get the point... now think about how you would manage?

What could you least live without?

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