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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cat Stevens & a memory link

Dolores and I took our Saturday walk through Franklin this morning, stopping at Mel Diva's for coffee to bring us home the last mile.

Sitting on the porch, WERS-FM is playing softly in the background. Dolores does not like to have any music on while she is reading. I love to have some background music. Laptop propped on the pillow, I am cruising and writing.

A Cat Stevens song comes on. I turn up the volume to listen to this one. I have not heard him in awhile. The announcer mentions that this was from the movie Harold and Maude.

Oh, yea. I remember that one. Bud Cort and Ruth Gordon immediately come to mind. How that happened, I do not know? I did not have to think about it.

I did have to use Google to find that the movie came out in 1971. I was still in high school, yet I would have guessed that I saw it in college which would have been a few years later.

Yet, where was the memory stored such that it came immediately to mind? What triggered it? The song? I can only recall that the movie was different and fun but with a sad ending. I don't recall much more about it. Now, I need to see it again. Maybe that will help trigger why I recalled it so quickly.

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