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Thursday, August 17, 2006

New World Order

Did you hear that:
The International Astronomical Union is set to find a new definition of the word planet this week, which should totally modify our perception upon our Solar System. Following astronomers’ decision, Pluto should remain a planet, but a few others will join it soon.

Planets should be defined as objects that have sufficient gravity to form a “nearly round” shape and that orbit a star without themselves being a star or a moon...
It could be that we would end up with 12 planets instead of the commonly known 9.
Think of the changes to maps, school text books, encyclopedias, etc. that would now be required to bring these sources of information up to date with what could be the new world order?
Are you ready to deal with 12 planets?
If you are not an astrologer, or teacher, what difference does it make to your daily life?
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