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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Franklin Line to Boston

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One morning last week while waiting for the train to arrive, I used my camera to take this picture. The train sitting on the sideline will run out to Forge Park, and then back here to Franklin to run into Boston.

The green light on the tower is a good signal. When it is red no train will be moving into Boston. Of course, later in the day, a red signal means a train is approaching bringing folks out of Boston. At that time it is a good thing.

So just because it is red or green doesn't make it good or bad. The context is also important.

Troy posted about some Gartner research that 41 million will be working from home at least one daya week by 2008. I commented on his blog that I think we are already there.

Based upon the traffic patterns at the local train station for the commute into Boston, I´m surprised that the number is that low. I think we are already there. The spaces available on Mondays and Fridays is quite good, even more so during the summer, but don´t try to park there on Tue-Wed-Thu during the school year (Sep-May) after 6:30 AM, the lot is full.

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Great post. Interesting. Thanks for the mention.


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