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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Basic business skills needed

From via the InformationWeek Daily Newsletter comes this advice:

He recommends that today's mid-level IT professionals start by taking some accounting courses and other business classes that teach skills such as cost justification. On the communications side job seekers should seriously consider Dale Carnegie communication courses or engaging a personal coach to sharpen speaking and personal interaction skills.

"It's really a very good investment for those who want to move up the ladder. There is still a 'geek' label on tech people and you have to present yourself as a technology business person. As I tell job candidates, career advancement is all about sales-being able to sell yourself to the hiring manager requires good

I agree. In my career, the basic business skills (good communications, listening and understanding the needs of the customer, writing and presentations) have done more for me to advance that any technical expertise I have acquired along the way.

For the full article read here.

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