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Friday, July 21, 2006

Revs Halftime

Revs Halftime Originally uploaded by shersteve.
The step dance troupe's performance was good but since they were performing at the other end of the stadium, this big screen view was about the best we could get. The music was a little more techno than celtic and certainly up beat.

Music is a good part of education. Starting young as these dancers is a good help. The discipline of practice is something that bears good fruit in most aspects of life. Getting with the rhythm is also important. I started to take piano lessons in my mid-twenties and if time permits would consider resuming it.

I have to restrict my music efforts to appreciation. My attempts at singing draw family comments to stifle it. I must admit that I can not carry a note too far very well.

What music do you include in your life?

Have you considered playing an instrument?

What types of music do you like?

I look forward to seeing your answers to all of these. I have partially answered the second question here. I will address the other questions over time myself.

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