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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Poets for Teachers - Friday afternoon - Andrew Motion

Andrew Motion held a "Poets for Teachers" session in the Carriage Barn at the Dodge Poetry Festival . It was a tough choice as he was up against Billy Collins or Jorie Graham in the same time slot. Since Andrew was the first poet laureate from England to be here, I thought it worth the while to go. It was.
The Carriage Barn was an appropriate setting for this session. The antique carriages were positioned around the room, poorly lit. Shadows were cast by the wheels and footholds. I'll post some pictures to accompany this reading.
Andrew mixed some talk about himself and his poetry with readings of some of his poems and also took some good questions part way through. He stood, hunched forward slightly over the mic. He is a tall gentleman. Seems to be taller than I. His voice and cadence comes across in the lines of his poems. Looking at the on the page after, his cadence is presented with the line breaks. And in some cases, the line breaks are formatic and the cadence continues.
"The Letter"
"Dancing hippo"
"A blow to the head"
"On the table"
"The game"
"Dead March"
He mentioned that "form is the enemy of feeling". The is an energy release in a struggle of containment within the form.
He spoke of his work with Philip Larkin.
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