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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


From Limerick Savant we get the word for the day:
... I found it necessary to abuse those tools to express my excitement over the discovery of the Bantu concept of ubuntu, "I am because we are." Suddenly, it seemed the perfect way to express my experience of the blogging phenomenon. Ubuntu seems to capture how the blogosphere (I hate that term) has created interconnectedness among many individuals, worldwide, who share their similarities and differences in a generally civilized way through posts and comments on those posts. Maybe that makes us all mixed metaphors of a sort? I know that the longer I do this the more, what was once, a solitary activity has become a conversation.
You should click through to read the full post.
 It opens with the traditional limerick.
I'll admit that I don't read this as often as I should. Everytime I go there I end up laughing.
So that should be the message, when you need a laugh, go to Limerick Savant.
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