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Friday, October 27, 2006

Self Guided Tour - Stop #15

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Several years ago, when camping with our friends at Promised Land State Park, PA we visited Conservation Island where there was supposed to be a short self guided tour. When we arrived, there were no more pamphlets to guide us on our way. The markers were still clearly labeled. (This one happens to be in Hopkinton State Park, MA but on the same type of guide nature tour.) We decided to make up our own explanation of what each stop meant rather than leave disappointed.

Not the first time that it was truly a self guided tour in every sense of the meaning (and certainly not the last one for this particular group).

Make your own self guided tour!
Pick out a sign or marker.
Check out your surroundings from that central point of reference.
Connect two or three things that you can see with a reason for how they came to be just so for that day.
You won't be too far off from the truth.

Now go make your way!

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