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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

White Barn Tent - Saturday afternoon - Conversation

Saturday afternoon in the White Barn Tent was scheduled a "Conversation: Poetry and the self, Poetry and the community". Taha Muhammed Ali (with Peter Cole), Kurtis Lamkin, and Taslima Nasreen were scheduled for this conversation.
An interesting mix: a native Palastinian with Israeli citizenship, a New York born black man living in the South, a Bangladash woman living in exile for her views on woman's rights. With this mix, the conversation should be a good one. The one complicator though was language. Taha's English is not so good, so there was a delay in Peter's translation and in the response back. 
The most interesting comment came from Taslima who said she did not trust the community. Kurtis was anxious to pursue this but in the time permitting was unable to do so. What did she mean by not trusting community? Did she define community differently? Why not trust the community?
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