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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Main stage - Saturday afternoon - Ko Un

Ko Un, a prolific writer from Korea opened the afternoon sessions on the Main Stage. Members of the Paul Winter Consort provided a musical interlude to set the atmosphere and then coming back from a break.
Richard Silberg read the poems in English after Ko Un read them in Korean. It was interesting to see the body language and hear the tone of the voice as each read the same poem. They were not similar which became disconcerting as they progressed. When Taha Mohammed Ali and Peter Cole do their joint reading, I don't find the same disconnect.
"A poet"
"Front of a tree"
"My poems"
"The poem in last nights dream"
"The road ahead"
"Alone one day"
"A certain happiness"
"2 blind people"
"Widow Pike from Hondo Bree"
For a poet who is reportedly so "political", only one poem touched on politics, and it was clearly added to the listing along the way.
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