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Thursday, December 21, 2006

The games we play

Sandra Dickenson has a great posting sharing some of the insights on adult games from Bernie DeKoven.

Collective competency is an increased collective capacity to meet greater challenges. Bernie concludes that the experience of collective competency is fun for adults because it is mutually empowering.

  1. Each individual increases the abilities of the collective.
  2. The collective increases the abilities of the individual.
The Joyful Jubilant Learning group is attempting to build collective competency. We have a great core group and are looking to expand early in the new year. Perhaps one of the ways we can expand is by playing games.

What kind of games?

Games that are fun, interactive and help us to learn by doing.

How do we do that?

The five things meme is a sort of game. That was easy, insightful and sets us up for a deeper understanding of the individuals in the group. We can build on the five things in future games.

So can we do anything now?

Yes, read the posting by Sandra, the comments by Bernie and myself, and then join in this Duck-duck-goose + Question & Answer game.

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Comments on "The games we play"


Blogger Sandra Dickinson said ... (9:06 PM) : 

Steve - you asked me on my blog - in the blogosphere -- how do we know who is to our "right" or to our "left." In the blogoshpere -- its whoever catches onto your question or your answer. It busts it wide open (I think even more fun).

So far for me, you can see, you and Bernie caught my questions and answered.


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