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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Poetry is hard work?

"Most of the human race is equipped to respond to art," Vendler continues. "Every tribe in the world has produced an aesthetic sense that supports and enriches its people and brings the whole person into play, the whole soul. It's the only way to make a well-rounded person, to develop human sympathy."

Helen Vendler is quoted in this article in Sunday's Boston Globe.

I am not sure if sympathy is the proper word. Sure it is what she said, but if she had said "respect", then I think the difference between those in the arts (practioners like Vendler with a list of credentials an arm and a leg long) and the remainder of the folk would have an equal chance. Maybe its just me, but why do some folk in the arts try to keep it elite?

Read the full article (free registration may be required) and decide for yourself.

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