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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bad dream lesson

Sitting at a table downtown Franklin. Maybe a parade today, no it is a special fair like gathering. They have closed a section of Main St. There are other tables along the sidewalk. Not sure what my table is for. I did work at a table like this in the past for the Norfolk County Pacers. Or is the table just for me?

I did have my laptop out. My bag was by the chair. It is time to get ready to leave. I get up put my laptop on the chair. Reach for the bag and notice it is gone. I step back to look around. Too many people around. I can see the bag.

I look back to the chair and it's empty. The laptop is gone. I turn around to see but there are too many people. Some are arriving to take over at my table. I barely have time to fold up the chair before someone takes it.

I start walking away with the chair bemoaning the loss of my laptop. It is protected but I should still change account passwords, etc. What a hassle. How could it just go and I not know. Then I realize that everything for my podcast is in the bag and it is gone. It is harder to replace those iRiver MP3 players.

Why this dream? Why today?

It is a relief to be fully awake and realize the loss of the laptop and podcast kit is only a dream. Yet it was so real.

I had ordered and received my new microphone to complete my podcast kit with a backup microphone. They were delivered today and work wonderfully. I will begin a new project to record my father's story. The idea has been germinating for some time and is ready to be executed. I had talked with Dad last night to confirm some details about how we would do this.

What do I learn from this? I need to take care of the laptop and my podcast kit if I go to some public place.

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