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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Commencement everyday! Happy blogversary (belatedly)

from the archives: in belated recognition of one year here

Welcome to Tertiary Education, a new venture for me.

I have been writing since college. My public writing (blogging) began in 2004 as a culmination of three influences: Tom Peters, Stephen Covey and Mark Hurst. There were other influences along the way but these three stick out.

Steve had published The 8th Habit.
Tom had published Reimagine.
Mark was publishing his Good Experience newsletter.

I found my voice to add my 2 cents to the blogosphere. The writing there spun off the Hitchhiker's guide as I found other good blogs and wanted to share them. My running spawned its own forum and then my work related passion around creating a good customer experience generated its own forum.

The network provided an opportunity to explore a virtual team and how we could work together to explore our common interests in synergy. One idea that grew from that group is Blogidarity.

So why another blog?

The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman is the latest influence. There are a number of connections coming together here. I started to be the world's greatest teacher of English but while I was able to work for six years as a coach and substitute teacher, finding a permanent position at the time was not in the cards. I switched to the "real world" and began my introduction into technology and support. Multiple positions with two companies have lead me to where I am today. My paths have confirmed the logical process that Tom follows in his book. I do believe the world is flattening. I do believe change will continue to be a way of life. I do believe there is no longer "business as usual".

Change is difficult for the unprepared but easy for those who are prepared.

The writing here will focus around what is needed to adapt to the new evolving world. I believe the approach that a process of life long learning, collaborative learning, working in virtual teams across miles, countries, oceans, and space eventually will allow one to succeed.

This is the commencement we need to make each day.
The commitment we need to make.

If you are interested, please subscribe with one of the several options provided. Comment as you may. Drop me an email to further a discussion.

I look forward to doing this together.

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Originally posted here on June 6, 2006

The updates one year later would be to acknowledge that

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