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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Podcasting Info

I get asked from time to time about what I use and how I do my podcast. This is an updated attempt to describe what I use and how I do it.


I use one of two devices for my recordings.

1 - I obtained an MP3 at PodCamp Boston from Adam Weiss who was making podcasting starter kits available. It is an iRiver MP3 player with a mic and an instruction booklet that Adam wrote to walk you through the set up of the iRiver device.

Adam blogs and podcasts at Boston Behind the Scenes and at Adam Weiss Podcast Consultant

Adam has a good posting on mic placement

The kit details can be found here

2 - I also have a headset for the computer which I use to make the Skype phone calls that also records very nicely directly with Audacity. I use a Plantronics DSP-400

Audacity is open source “free” software that manages the audio creation and allows for editing with far more capability that I currently know how to utilize.

You can also use your phone. It will work nicely to create the "in the moment" environment.

Adam has a good posting on mic placement

Other sources of podcast info

Online MediaTips

The PodCamp Boston wiki has information from the sessions held last year

Check the schedule to see if there is a PodCamp coming to your area

Podcast Content

An overview of all that I use to blog can be found here

As an update to this posting from November 2006. I have created a formal pod cast for Passionate Runner. It is registered with a couple of pod cast directories including iTunes.

I started an oral history project recording my father telling the stories of his life; Jerry's Story. This is not yet registered with iTunes but it is due to be.

I have a poetry podcast also in the works. I'll update this when that is ready for prime time.

Visit the podcast directories listed below

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