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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Long Tail - Review Published at 800-CEO-READ Blog

My review of The Long Tail by Chris Anderson was published at 800-CEO-READ Blog today.
You can read it here.
PS - some of the formating got lost in the publishing process so my original format can also be found here.
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Monday, August 28, 2006

Book Review Listing Updated

My listing of completed Book Reviews has grown by one today. It will grow by another soon. It should continue to grow one a week for a while as I get caught up on what is overdue. Books that are pending review:
  • Make it Great - Phil Gerbyshak
  • The Long Tail - Chris Anderson completed
  • The 8th Habit - Stephen Covey
  • A Clear Eye for Branding - Tom Asacker
  • Harriers - Paul & Joseph Shivers completed
  • Smart Mobs - Howard Reingold
  • Naked in the Boardroom - Robin Wolaner completed
  • On Intelligence - Jeff Hawkins
  • Simplicity - Trevor Gay
  • Cluetrain Manifesto - Doc Searles, et al
  • Drucker Daily Reader
  • Mastery - George Leonard
  • The Power of Impossible Thinking - Jerry Wind, et al
  • Re-imagine - Tom Peters
  • Flow - Mihaly Csikszenthmihalyi
  • Managing With Aloha - Rosa Say

These have been read. In some cases, re-read whole or in part, in some cases multiple times for specific sections. The listing is not in any particular order. I will get to the review as I get inspired but I have a commitment to do one per week to get caught up. Stay tuned!

PS - Oh, there are other books on the "to be read shelf" so they will get added to this listing as they get completed.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Book reviews pending

Taking my own advice, I began to work out how to finish two books reviews that I have in progress while running this morning . One with a draft already with some words to it, the other still being drafted in the grey matter. I was alone for the first loop but a Pacer buddy apparently had just missed me at the start and ran the loop in reverse, so we caught up to each other and finished together. In the time alone, I managed to work out my approach to the pending reviews. I also determined that I need to work on one at a time. One review a week for the next several weeks to catch up on reviews that by my own timeline are overdue.
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Your Heat of Summer Carnival Nominees

The nominees are in and the voting is open now.
If you missed the first announcement, check this.
If you are already aware of the carnival, check this:
The last link has the directions to cast your vote in each category.
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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cat Stevens & a memory link

Dolores and I took our Saturday walk through Franklin this morning, stopping at Mel Diva's for coffee to bring us home the last mile.

Sitting on the porch, WERS-FM is playing softly in the background. Dolores does not like to have any music on while she is reading. I love to have some background music. Laptop propped on the pillow, I am cruising and writing.

A Cat Stevens song comes on. I turn up the volume to listen to this one. I have not heard him in awhile. The announcer mentions that this was from the movie Harold and Maude.

Oh, yea. I remember that one. Bud Cort and Ruth Gordon immediately come to mind. How that happened, I do not know? I did not have to think about it.

I did have to use Google to find that the movie came out in 1971. I was still in high school, yet I would have guessed that I saw it in college which would have been a few years later.

Yet, where was the memory stored such that it came immediately to mind? What triggered it? The song? I can only recall that the movie was different and fun but with a sad ending. I don't recall much more about it. Now, I need to see it again. Maybe that will help trigger why I recalled it so quickly.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Boston Harbor Walk

Boston Harbor Walk
Originally uploaded by shersteve.
I was not the only one outside for the lunch period today but there were not that many other folks out there considering how nice it really was.

I should not complain too much, this section is new since I had the chance to walk along the water front. Someone will probably let me know that it has been here for a while.

I try not to schedule meetings during lunch but there are some times that it can not be avoided.

So when a day like today comes along, with time not scheduled, then it is time to get out and stretch the legs.

Do you get out of the building for lunch and a break?

Monday, August 21, 2006

What would I desperately try to hide?

From Patti Digh writing at 37Days comes another gem:
That young man at the comic book show may never know how much his taking that time with Emma meant to her—or to me. To have someone engage with your child in such a way is a gift. To really hear his message—don’t have anything in your portfolio that you need to make excuses for—was the bigger gift.

What in my “portfolio” (where “portfolio” means: house, life, brain, relationships) should I keep? What should I sell? What should I toss? How would I feel if Solomon Butcher came along and asked me to pull it all outside for a photo session? What would I try desperately to hide?

Do yourself the favor and read the full posting.

Then ask yourself the questions Patti poses in the 37Days Challenge.


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PodCamp Boston - Video Promo

I almost missed it but you don't have to, here is a cute video promo for the upcoming PodCamp Boston. You can also see the same thing on the PodCamp blog.
And if you have a YouTube account, you can find it there as well.
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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Neuroscience of Music and the Brain

The Sunday Globe had a good article that peaked my interest today.

He's rocking the world of neuroscience

Author explores how the brain processes music

The article is about a new book by Daniel J. Levitin 
who now runs the Laboratory for Musical Perception, Cognition and Expertise at McGill University in Montreal, has immersed himself in music about as deeply as is humanly possible. He began asking scientific questions about the nature of his beloved obsession -- Where does creativity come from? What goes into making a song memorable? -- in the late 1980s. He began asking his peers and role models in the music business and publishing those conversations in magazines such as Billboard and Mix.

It wasn't long before Levitin realized that even the most musically inclined among us are often incapable of explaining precisely how music affects our emotions, and why. That lack of articulation isn't unique to music, Levitin says: ``If you asked Michael Jordan how he shoots a lay up, I don't know if you'd get a coherent answer."

The book is titled: This Is Your Brain on Music which is now on my wish list.
The book reportedly
... segues deftly from a crash course in pitch, timbre, tempo, melody , and other music characteristics to the electrochemical processes of the brain and the elucidation of such topics as ``ear worms," those insipid jingles and pop songs that get infuriatingly stuck in our heads.
Sounds good to me.
The music in words, the sounds of our language, the music created by a multitude of instruments, are all near and dear to me. Looks like I can learn some more by reading Daniel's book.
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Falmouth - Postings Gathered

Here is the gathering of entries from our Falmouth weekend:
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

New World Order

Did you hear that:
The International Astronomical Union is set to find a new definition of the word planet this week, which should totally modify our perception upon our Solar System. Following astronomers’ decision, Pluto should remain a planet, but a few others will join it soon.

Planets should be defined as objects that have sufficient gravity to form a “nearly round” shape and that orbit a star without themselves being a star or a moon...
It could be that we would end up with 12 planets instead of the commonly known 9.
Think of the changes to maps, school text books, encyclopedias, etc. that would now be required to bring these sources of information up to date with what could be the new world order?
Are you ready to deal with 12 planets?
If you are not an astrologer, or teacher, what difference does it make to your daily life?
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Guest Blogging at Simplicity

While Trevor is on a well deserved holiday, Troy, Phil and I will try to mind the Simplicity blog. I made my first entry there with a story on finding your niche with an ironing board.

An ironing board?

Yes, indeed. Check it out here. I think you will enjoy it.

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Falmouth - Ferrywatchers

Originally uploaded by shersteve.

The sea birds sitting on the rocks at low tide watching the ferry make it way from Wood's Hole to Martha Vineyard.

The sea calm within the breakwater, more rippled in the open.

Blue water, blue sky.


Do you sit on the side lines and watch, and wait before getting into action?

Is that your deliberate plan or due to indecision?


Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you. Carl Sandburg

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

No debate - Observe Instead!

from Frank Paynter writing at Listics comes this gem:

Just as it does us no good to question the timing of the story, it does no good to debate the framing. There are people of good and evil intention on all sides of any issue who would drive public understanding by means of a debate. Debate is a binary and competitive proposition that reduces complexity and channels an outcome to a winner take all scenario reminsicent of trial by combat. Debate is a primitive, competitive approach to channeling conflict that assures that there will be a winner and a loser. All too often truth is subverted by the process. Whenever a matter of importance is framed with champions on two sides debating an outcome, you can be sure that there are facts that will be ignored as inconvenient, truths that will be dominated by shifts in the binary positioning of the opponents. What we have to do then is observe and frame our own responses based on what we see.

Take for example the matter of hair product. I can see why the TSA would want to ban hair product from the carry on luggage of all travelers everywhere in the world forever. I can also see why this may be a ridiculous over-reaction. But the fact of the ban, and the mindset of fear that it buttresses should tell us about the leadership that fosters this kind of public policy. While millions of Americans have no health insurance, the great public policy debate of our time focuses on removing shoes before boarding and carrying hair products on board aircraft. See why debate is not really useful?

Read the full posting here.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Falmouth - Beach Access

Falmouth - Beach Access
Originally uploaded by shersteve.

These barriers are positioned to help protect the grass along the water front. It is a fragile environment. Out in the direct sunlight. Pounded by the surf, especially during high tide and storm surges.

Yet, one might think there is limited access to the beach. It is open. You need to walk like this. (cue the old comedy sketch)

How open are you?

Do you force others to make this narrow approach to you before reaching the grand expanse of the beach beyond?

One blogger who is good at the approachability factor is Scott Ginsburg, that guy with the name tag. He talks a lot about the approachability factor. He uses his name tag as his front porch. Check him out. Understand what your front porch is today, and how you might be able to improve your approachability tomorrow.

Carnival Time

The word is out. Three bloggers are putting together a summer carnival that is a little different.
How different?
Go check it out. Bottom line, it will be FUN!
You can find info on it here, here, here and here.
Stay cool, join the carnival!
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Friday, August 11, 2006

Franklin horizon - early AM

Originally uploaded by shersteve.
One morning this week, I snapped this photo. It helps to remind me that each day is indeed a new day. The sky eastward is always new and somewhat different every day.

We get a fresh start. We get to make our way. We can learn from what we did (or chose not to do).

I look forward to getting good photos over the coming weeks. The sun is rising later and later each day. Soon enough it will be dark on the platform when the train leaves in the morning (and when it returns with me in the evening).
Every little day the world's brand new,
the sun comes up and the clouds roll through.
Everything else is just up to you.
Every little day the world's brand new.

What's on your horizon?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

What is the stuff of synergy?

Troy asks what is the stuff of synergy? and then proceeds to outline his thoughts on the matter. I happen to agree with the position he takes.
What do you think?
Check it out over at the Synergy weblog.
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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Asacker on adaptation

From Tom Asacker comes this gem of insight:
... the paradox of branding: To stay relevant, your brand must constantly reinvent itself. Your audience will continue to grow and adjust - building on their life experiences - and you must change with them. You have to continuously appeal to their changing predilections with the appearance and experience of your brand. It’s an endless game of seduction. It requires vision, belief in collaborative innovation, and a passion for experimentation.

I think this can be re-written as follows:
... the paradox of self: To stay relevant, you must constantly reinvent yourself. Your audience (your world) will continue to grow and adjust - building on their life experiences - and you must change with them. You have to continuously appeal to their changing predilections with the appearance and experience of yourself. It’s an endless game of seduction. It requires vision, belief in collaborative innovation, and a passion for experimentation.

Hence life long learning.

Hence "commencement begins every day".

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Franklin Line to Boston

Originally uploaded by shersteve.
One morning last week while waiting for the train to arrive, I used my camera to take this picture. The train sitting on the sideline will run out to Forge Park, and then back here to Franklin to run into Boston.

The green light on the tower is a good signal. When it is red no train will be moving into Boston. Of course, later in the day, a red signal means a train is approaching bringing folks out of Boston. At that time it is a good thing.

So just because it is red or green doesn't make it good or bad. The context is also important.

Troy posted about some Gartner research that 41 million will be working from home at least one daya week by 2008. I commented on his blog that I think we are already there.

Based upon the traffic patterns at the local train station for the commute into Boston, I´m surprised that the number is that low. I think we are already there. The spaces available on Mondays and Fridays is quite good, even more so during the summer, but don´t try to park there on Tue-Wed-Thu during the school year (Sep-May) after 6:30 AM, the lot is full.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

EuroGEL 2006 coming in September

I attended GEL 2005, GEL 2006, and wrote about it here. Mark Hurst and company are going to Copenhagen for EuroGEL 2006 over the Labor Day weekend.
What a wonderful opportunity! If someone would like to pay my way, I'd be happy to consider going.
In the meantime, please consider going yourself, or at least spreading the word. EuroGEL has to be as good as GEL 2006 if not better due to the location. Yes, New York is special but come on now, this is going to be in Copenhagen.
Think about it! EuroGEL 2006
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Do you have a story to tell on Innovation?

Do you? If so, Scott Berkun is looking for you. From his posting today:

I’ve done nearly 20 interviews so far for my next book, and I need more. To quicken the pace I’m being innovative and going digital.

Call for all innovators

If you have a good story of innovation, or have thoughts on how innovation happens, I want to hear from you.

What do you get:

  • Opportunity to contribute to a book about how good ideas come to be
  • A thought exercise in what innovation means, as my unusual and well honed questions will make you think
  • Chance to win a $150 amazon gift certificate, and possibly other prizes
  • Recognition on great work you or your organization have done that others don’t know about

The survey is a scant 15 questions long, and should take less than 10 minutes. If you give high quality answers, odds are high I’ll want to chat with you 1-on-1 over e-mail or phone, and may use your material in the book.

Get interviewed on innovation

If you want background on the project, look here.

If you can help Scott directly, thank you!

Even if you can't help directly, you can help to spread the word on what Scott is looking for, and for that we'll thank you.


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Alive in Baghdad

Alive in Baghdad is a blog attempting to tell the stories of the Iraqi people with words and video from their point of view.

As those of you who have been with us from the beginning are well aware, Alive in Baghdad was started in the summer of 2004, with the intention of providing a space for the voices and images of Iraqis.

On my first trip to the Middle East, I traveled to Jordan and Baghdad, to prove that it was feasible and possible for a videoblogger to travel to a warzone, without the kind of security and funding backing people like Kevin Sites, of the "Kevin Sites: In the Hotzone" Yahoo! blog.

During this trip myself and the Alive in Baghdad team, based in the United States, proved that we could interview Iraqis all over the city of Baghdad, all from a base outside the Green Zone.

They are looking for additional funds to sustain their effort.

I think no matter what side of the argument you talk on the war, hearing what the Iraqi people themselves will say about it is a good cause. Won't you consider contributing?

You should add Alive in Baghdad to your RSS Reader of choice.

Thanks to Rocketboom for bringing this site to my attention.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

PodCamp Boston

I have yet to podcast. It is one of my objectives for this year. So I hear there is going to be a PodCamp coming to Boston in September. Well, at least it is not some far away place. Boston is easy to get to for me. I can take the train. Or drive. But I should be able to get there. That's the thing, to meet with others and talk about podcasting, and blogging, and what you can do with it.

Want to podcast? Want to check out PodCamp Boston?

Follow this link.

If you do end up arranging to go, let me know. We can meet there.

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