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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Don't be alarmed

if the page doesn't fill in immediately. The posting of all the pictures of the 2000 bloggers takes a little time to load. It does not display properly in Internet Explorer but does display very well in Firefox.

I'll keep this dated out a bit to keep the reminder handy.

Feel free to scroll on down and read the current items.

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down-beat, backbeat

From This is Your Brain on Music, The Science of Human Obsession by Daniel Levitin I find this quote worthy:
When people clap their hands or snap their fingers with music, they sometimes quite naturally, and without training keep time differently than they would do with their feet: They clap or snap not on the down-beat, but on the second beat and on the fourth beat. This is the so-called backbeat that Chuck Berry sings about in his song "Rock and Roll Music".
This may also help to explain why sometimes you get out of sync if you try to watch another to keep the beat.

Don't follow, just listen to the music.

They may be on the "backbeat" or another beat altogether.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Song and dance

From This is Your Brain on Music, The Science of Human Obsession by Daniel Levitin I find this quote worthy:
Singing and dancing were a natural activity in everybody's lives, seemlessly integrated and involving everyone. The Sesotho verb for singing (ho bina), as in many of the world's languages, also means to dance; there is no distinction, since it is assumed that singing involves movement.
I find this intriguing as it falls in line with my own Fire Circle Story.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Review: Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms

Will Richardson has written an excellent handbook on how to use basic web-based tools into the classroom to foster and advance learning. He walks you through each tool with a careful step-by-step approach. By the end of each chapter you should have some familiarity with the tool, know some of the uses of it in the classroom and have both examples and additional information available to you. He is careful to provide advice and information to advocate for the use of such tools in the "Read/Write Web Classroom" knowing full well that there are school districts and or people that don't quite "get it" yet.

In the chapter on blogging Will writes:
,,, blogging is a genre that engages students and adults in a process of thinking in words, not simply an accounting of the days events or feelings. In fact, learning specialists Fernette and Brock Eide's research shows that blogging in its truest form has a great deal of potential positive impact on students. They found that blogs can
  • promote critical and analytical thinking
  • be a powerful promoter of creative, intuitive, and associational thinking
  • promote analogical thinking
  • be a powerful medium for increasing access and exposure to quality information
  • combine the best of solitary reflection and social interaction (Eide Neurolearning Blog, 2005)
At another spot in the Blogging chapter Will writes:
Writing stops; blogging continues. writing is inside; blogging is outside. Writing is monologue; blogging is conversation. writing is thesis; blogging is synthesis... none of which minimizes the importance of writing. But writing becomes an ongoing process, one that is not just done for the contrived purposes of the classroom. Ken Smith, a writing instructor at Indiana University puts it this way:
Instead of assigning students to go write, we should assign them to go read and then link to what interests them and write about why it does and what it means, not in order to make a connection or to build social capital but because it is through quality linking... that one first comes in contact with the essential acts of blogging: close reading and interpretation. Blogging, at base, is writing down what you think when you read others. If you keep at it, others will eventually write down what they think when they read you, and you'll enter a new realm of blogging, a new realm of human connection. (Smith, 2004)
In the chapter on Wikis, Will writes
Philosophically, wikis can play havoc with the traditional ideas of copyright and intellectual property. Obviously, they follow closely the open-source software ideal that the quality of the collectively produced product is more important than owning the idea or code. Really, wikis bring the concepts of open source to the mainstream as the ideas and process are no longer reserved just for software developers.
All of these challenges are great entry points for a discussion about the use of wikis in the classroom. As we continue to move toward a world where everyone has access to ideas and where collaboration is the expectation rather than the exception, wikis can go a long way to teaching our students some very useful skills for their future.
Wikis are a challenge to old style teaching:
... early implementations of wikis in educational settings have shown that the more autonomy teachers give to students in terms of negotiating the scope and quality of content they are creating, the better. It's a very democratic process of knowledge creation. In using wikis, students are not only learning how to publish content; they are also learning how to develop and use all sorts of collaborative skills, negotiating with others to agree on correctness, meaning, relevance and more. In essence, students begin to teach each other. Teachers who impose a lot of right and wrong on the process can undermine the effectiveness of the tool.
As an example of how to use a wiki in the classroom, Will writes:
Which brings up another way that you can use wikis in your classroom: have your students create or edit entries to books that have already been started elsewhere. Introduce them to the concept of a wiki, show them how it works, have them pick an entry to edit, review their edits with them, have them share the link when their work is posted, and then have them track their edits to see how others might edit them. It's a great opportunity to introduce students to the concepts of open source software, community collaboration, respect for other people's ideas, intellectual property and public domain, and much more.
Wikis can be used by teachers (and others) to collaborate:
Another great wiki idea was spawned by Rob Lucas, a sixth grade teacher from North Carolina who created the Teacher's Lounge. Basically it's a site where any teacher can some and leave a lesson plan for other teachers to share. Rob is trying to "develop an extensive library of creative, finely tuned, engaging exciting lessons". A similar, more local, wiki for teachers in a school district might be an equally interesting idea.
Collaboration can be a challenge for those who are used to having their way. Will writes:
Regardless of how teachers feel about the potential of wikis, and I understand the hesitancy many teachers feel, one thing remains certain. The collaborative environment that wikis facilitate can teach students much about how to work with others, how to create community, and how to operate in a world where the creation of knowledge and information is more and more becoming a group effort. I'm serious when I say that I get chills sometimes when I think about the amazing work that's being done at Wikipedia. In many ways, it gives me great hope for the future because it is a testament, I think, of good people doing good. Using wikis, we can start to show our students what it means to be a part of that process.
In the chapter on social bookmarking services, Will writes:
Now there are many of these social bookmarking sites that have been created in the past couple of years. But two, and, have come to the forefront of the pack for some very different reasons. Once again, these are both free services that any teacher or student can access on the web. As with other sites, although the content you'll find there is primarily safe and in good taste, take the time to become familiar with both before you use them in the classroom.
Will provides the insight to the differences between the two services:
Whereas Furl is about saving content, is all about sharing links in as easy a way as possible. But although it may not have all of the flexibility and power that Furl has in terms of searching and archiving, its simplicity makes it an equally powerful too for teachers and students.
In the chapter on podcasting and screencasting, Will writes:
One step up from podcasting is screencasting, which is a relatively new medium that I think has a lot of promise in the classroom. Simply put, screencasting involves capturing what you or your students do on the computer with an audio marration to go with it. The easiest way to understand screenacsting is to watch one. So right now, go watch this screencast about Wikipedia that was done by John Udell at this link.
Will provides the example (above) and then the information on how to do it yourself:
Basically, Windows Media Encoder and a microphone are all you need in a Windows environment. You can download the software from Microsoft here.
And yes, after reading this chapter, I created my first screencast. It does take time to do it right but it is as easy as he outlines.

I think this should be enough of a summary to convince you to
  1. go by the book
  2. try some of these tools (if you have not already used them before)
I do recommend this book! The Read/Write Web is not limited to the classroom. These tools can be used in business (and your personal life) to help prepare for success tomorrow.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Scholarship scams

Be on the alert for scholarship scams. The article by Michelle Singletary in today's Boston Globe has a great summary of what to look for. Read the full article here. (free registration maybe required)

As a teaser, this is the summary:

If the pitch says your child is guaranteed a scholarship or you'll get your money back. Of course there are always conditions that make that promise useless.

If you believe a claim that they'll do all the work. Come on, every scholarship I've ever seen requires the applicant to do some work.

If you fall for a claim that "you can't get this information anywhere else." Hello, there's this thing called the Internet and because of it, not much is a secret anymore. There are plenty of books that cost less than $50 that will help you and your child search for money.

You are being pressured to give your credit card or bank account number to "hold" a scholarship for your child. If a company tries to get you to hand over such information unsolicited, hang up the telephone or get out of the room.

You're contemplating paying a fee to apply for a scholarship . That's no different than when you're told to send money to claim cash supposedly won in a lottery.

You're excited about an offer that comes in the mail that says your child has received a scholarship for which he or she never applied. The catch: You have to pay a fee to apply for it.

Scholarship or financial aid scams aren't likely to deplete your life savings, but there's no sense in throwing away money for something you can get for free.

Thanks Michelle, nice summary!

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Rapid Fire Learning

The challenge is there. Rosa Say has tossed the gauntlet down at the Joyful Jubilant Learning blog today. Quick, what five things have you learned this month?

Oh, another five things meme!

No, this one is special. You don't have to tag anyone. You just need to identify what you have learned.

You have learned something this month haven't you?

I learned
  1. you can't use eggnog in ways you might think you could.
  2. where Cat Stevens went to and why the Peace Train maybe coming back
  3. how to use Performancing (it's okay, I'd rather Qumana get fixed which should be anytime now)
  4. about global warming when I finally saw An Inconvenient Truth
  5. how to have some photo fun with FD Flickr toys
and the month is not over yet!

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

10,000 hours

... ten thousand hours of practice is required to achieve the level of mastery associated with being a world-class expert -- in anything. In study after study, of composers, basketball players, fiction writers, ice skaters, concert pianists, chess players, master criminals, and what have you, this number comes up again and again. Ten thousand hours is the equivalent to roughly three hours per day, or twenty hours per week, of practice over ten years. Of course, this doesn't address why some people don't seem to get anywhere when they practice, and why some people get more out of their practice sessions than others. But no one has yet found a case in which true world-class expertise was accomplished in less time. It seems that it takes the brain this long to assimilate all that it needs to know to achieve true mastery.
Yes, 10,000 hours!

What have you done for this long?

From This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel Levitin. I am continuing to work my way through this book which is full of such thought provoking quotes as noted here.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

2000 Bloggers

A pixel version of the 2000 Bloggers:

What Is This???Tino BunticHeather ArmstrongKyle MacDonaldMichael PriceChris KnightAndrew WeeLarry HnetkaDanah BoydKloudiiaRoss MayfieldPhil PlaitPhil GerbyshakThingamyRoss RebagliatiSteven D. LevittBenjamin FittsThat Dude JeffAmber MacAlister CameronFrank GruberCharles SterlingAndy NulmanChristine KaneJanet MeinersJesse SkinnerBen YoskovitzJordanBen McConnellBrian GardnerLarry LyonsLefeverLee HopkinsVisconde Carlo VergaraZach KatkinChaseMarshmallowTom AsackerDustin StaigerRosie O'DonnellDonald TrumpHoward LindzonBrooke The Med StudentChris RichardsonBrad VanAukenKris JonesJim KukralLady AzurtTom EllisMike SansoneJonathan NailSandyAnthony BaggettStefanie SigurdsonRaphael GilmasKelly MonneySean HowardZoli ErdosSara NoelEmagisKristen KingIan SeffermanRonald LewisShane NickersonMichele CoreyAlex PapaKristal KraftMattKintan BrahmbhattBryan CovingtonAditya KothadiyaTony TeegardenSarah E EndlineJoshua DziabakGerard RasochaCurt RosengrenD-NiceHannahRajesh SettyLow Hang WeiJoyce WycoffAngie BrennanStephanie SmythJenniferLamillingerBlog BlokeChris CactusJanet TokerudKirsten HarrelH Webb JrGlen AllemanTanya LocaJim CahillTaniaJeff BarrDaria Radota RasmussenWillem KarssenbergJonathanSteve MillerRoger L. SimonJay BarnesR HaileyLoïc Le MeurVinnie MirchandaniDon ParkDan BricklinJay CrossGrigorRamana RaoWard CunninghamJeremy JacobsJoe DunbarHenri KaufmanBo GilbertJamie LouiseGordon ChoiAmitTishaThomas CliffordBenjamin GautheyDoc SearlsZach LynchElizabeth Lane LawleyPierre OmidyarDenham GreyThis ChickStewart ButterfieldTricia WangScott MaceAnil DashEdward VielmettiMark CubanNeville MedhoraRick SpenceTrishOliviaYaro StarakRobert ScobleDan MarquesDane CarlsonVirginia PostrelRon AmelnMargaret ChoSonia BlancoMatt CuttsJeremiah OwyangMike LopezChris PirilloDouglas KarrMikeLeaJennMaggie LienRobWilliam SlawskiCristian MezeiOmisscoJeremy ZawodnyPaul BruemmerDevil in disguiseTinaJake McKeeBarbara CorcoranKarl LongLucyJeff WissKaren SamsMichelle MalkinRyan ChuaMayor's MotherKarenDoggyS MullisEric AshfordDorothy WaltersHelen SmithNeo-NeoconCriminally VulgarJeff KogaElayne RiggsJay - The Real Estate GuyChris HouchensNatalie BennettChris SandbergKwangDarren RowseScott ClarkClaudia EcoganClaudia RosettClaudiaShawn WaiteAJHidden PersuaderDino RizzoMiss CellaniaPeterKen FergusonGazzaCC ChapmanAngeliskaToddTommy SpoonBilly CalderwoodVernon SingletonDavidLisa AlexanderRikki ArundelBen LynchJames RayKelvin ChoDan-DanAndrewAntonia AzerbicSimon PhippsJenny RyanAka MontyJaneneMary BrownEnrique DansWendy MaynardTom PalmerGreg MillerLizzaRen KatFilipBill NadraszkyNataliaJohn ChowFrank PatrickARDELL DellaLoggiaAlex StenbackJason UngosGuy KawasakiDave BriggsJenLoTeenaRandy ThomasRaymi LaurenSaskBoyDarren McEwanRose DesrochersGillian GunsonIrisBlaine KendallAlynnaChief Happiness OfficerNeuro PhilosopherStephanie ChandlerSeth GodinYvonne PerrySummer HoganShawn hoganDaxAlex KingMelvin RiveraJohn MaedaShin'ichi KonomiNeil KramerChristinaKaitZelmarqShane GibsonCourtney ElizabethBrian CarrollJackie Huba Stephanie WeaverDan McCombSteven NovakYolieEdgar HDanDavid MaisterJackie DanickiJackie KesslerCraig MurrayAlberto PrechtAbiFrank RumbauskasDavid FriedmanAndrea LearnedSchawoTara PakostaMs MartiDan RubinDavid BeachTammy Breigh CanavanEthan KaplanEthan PersoffTony MacdonellLaurent-GloaguenEva GregoryStephan SpencerColine NiessMelinda WennerSiapa KamiShel HoltzNate KartchnerChris GarrettDaniel Franklin GomezReviewerBergieSara CantorAndy PiperSunny DurbzFauziahGreg MearesLiz HenryGreg LindenMariannaBanzai BillChris RoseKatie FleckB. RoxLatin TeacherTimPaul DavidsonEl CowboyMike VillarJoe DuckSassy SarahJoel PeetGreg ShortBrett Laffin A. Fatih SyuhudDr. Neill NeillDave ToCarolyn ShelbyJaimie SirovichJonathanQuinn's MomMaggie MasonHelen JaneGabriel SerafiniKristin Joy Pratt-SerafiniChris HayesGeorgina WilsonColleenDrewSRSteve SherlockKatieGonzagueStephanie West AllenStephanie West AllenDerrick DayeMichelle GoldenKammieDr. Lorianne DiSabatoJessica ClaireRexMatthew YglesiasDennis The PeasantJodee BockMelvin LuzardoDaveRoberto ArancibiaAmber SkolnickPhil GomesDustin SacksDonald CrowdisHeather HamiltonRachael ParentaSvetlana PetrovnaJackieJamie OliverVoyageurKatie Allison GranjuGlenn FullerSusan A. KitchensHollee DazeinkFleaFast LadEricAndrew MauryJeff KerrAngelaJack YoestBill WhittleBobbyAnnJonathan AquinoBuzz BruggemanJen CollinsJuan ColeBrett LambChristine ForgioneJonathan Dalton & TobyJazzMike ParsonsTom PetersVince FirpoKerry WooJoseph ZittRon FSunil ShibadRichard A. CookCynthia McKennaEd BottEd LeeJeff WeintraubKatherineKatherineKatieFred ZeldersMuhammad AladdinChristoph C. CemperDaniel LindbergBugJeremiahMelanieKenny SiaDmitry & MaureenSandraDaveBob GlazaLethaTim DraayerGadgetsGuyPudJosephinaBorn 2 BlogRenny Bakke AmundsenJosePreeti PSteve HarperKarlynJeremiah GrossmanJenny RyanShelagh WatkinsShelagh WatkinsNickAndyJohn A. MacDonaldJamesKumikoHartRobynKnitting MamaJeremiah OwyangRealtorFran & RowenaDavidBecky TrouttKaren RaniJoseph FerraraC. B. WhittemoreTodd AndScott HendisonSteve PolandDanny SullivanNik CubrilovicSteve MatthewsGeorge AthannassovAkwasi AdjeiJohn WagnerMary SchmidtRobertaHee-HawRobTerris McMahanChristopherEveryday GoddessMichael KleefBernard ChanFrank GumolaTish GrierSean AlexanderGreg NichollsG. Cornelius HarrisKimCourtneyBruce SchneierBruce EckelDr Frank GerhardtRachel BarenblatCarla RolfeRon McDanielNadineLisa DunnColleenShawn AnthonyCC ChapmanHans BastiaanMike Van HoenselaarElizabethJackieRon AresKaroliKrishna KumarLarry KragunHans MestrumBill KinnonRichard BallJay BryantClaudia CastroJames McGovernJT ChandlerLizLeanneBrian BradyCliffordMuhammad SaleemJimmyRob BushwayDamon PaceStephanieRachelJesBecciSandyDebbieMr AlthouseCarmi LevyTishaKris KraftThom SingerBarbaraJessica HughesDenise WakemanAbehapBad IvyMikeTodd BiskeCord SilversteinSchmutzieUrban MotivatorLeonard ChenRory SullivanClaire Rachael PittMohd Sham SaimanGabriellePaikiaJeremy JacobsElkeBillDTLester SeahChateauJim DuncanIpanemaChris BrownAnn CummingsStormy SleepJP ShermanChris KastenChristian BuschPearlPinskySteve DaltonLex LuthorGattinaGena RiedeMike PerryMaureen McCabeBrad NixErno HanninkFleur de LisaJenniferTeresa BoardmanChip GriffinMichael ParekhNanczeIan HealyKateClo WillaertsMelissa ShannonBrendaNikinposEddie DarozaDanilo BogdanovicCraig SchillerNick YoungAmanda BritBonnie EricksonBored DadMike HelmsKarin HoghLindseyMike McBrideTonNetDrew MeyersChristopher SmithStephen CollinsJack YanJeff RisleyJanie Hickok Siess, Esq.Leon RobinsonMargaret FeinbergLeon BrooksBill NadraszkyMatildakaySusannah ARob HumphreysKim CavanaughDave BarryOscar CorralRhonda PorterConnie GreenLuis SuarezRex DixonAmy GahranPainter GirlKarlaColinSlice Of PinkRebeccaJ David MacorRandy DrisgillMarlow HarrisMarlow HarrisRobJoerg WeisnerMustangSam MooneyMichael BuckleyTasra DawsonOutiRed Dirt RoadDariana DonovanOurielWorking GirlSerraShariMartin StallJim CroninAsian TomNavilynBill WilliamsAnnKathleen GageKris BarkwayMrs. Mary AtkinsGay CampbellWendy PhillisAlison NancyeLissa MaloneySteve RoeslerDavid CantonAdam SchultzLaShawnVictor de la FuenteDaniel ScoccoLisa RisagerHeidiPhoenixDawud MiracleHugoDKTrine-MariaJames HaftTabathaUseless ManMelissa AnthonyAmit AgarwalAndy MachtPaulaConnie ReeceIlan AbehasseraSpace decoratorNorm FisherRyan VeltingTonyTricia JumonvilleLarry CragunIgnacio ChehadeBeatrice TarkaRocioDena Stevens, Ecobroker, CSPDeezeeAndrei RoscaDanetteBob RankinNick O'NeillMin Jung KimRandy CassinghamCristian EslavaTony ArkoRonni BennettHeiress of NinKikiChantelSuzanneSionaGeordie RomerLeo NotenboomDon Fabrizio-GarciaTamar WeinbergCatalinDianaAndre SugaiIbrahim CesarJoergElena ThurstonChristianDeborah BurnsFilip LepusiascorpEd ReifKonnieMónica OizumiLinda DavisLeeBake TownPaula Neal MooneyLiam BaldwinNettie HartstockKeelyStuart HughesEarl MardleKen BrandKev GibbonsVictor Vahe KevorkianNickiNickie SnyderAnn HandleyRon ChaliceScott FishDaniel RNorma NewgentAlmoro Las CondesShashIan-Ivy du BoisAllison ReynoldsAlka AzucarPat KitanoWhimspirationMikeJonathan FarringtonKrishna DeLucky SnapJim LeeUnique Gifts OnlineJohn Novak - A Guy From Las Vegas... We Just Had To Include A Guy From Vegas!!!Gala DarlingKelvin ChoGjoleJasmine CheeAndrésHoney MeowKammeretColleenJas ChocolateMaria PastoraSteveAmandaTomas BradanovicHanan CohenKami HuyseAlvaroYoshiMaggie KnowlesDudibobJ SchulpDeborah NgTiger PrrKatieKrzysztof OsinskiBogdan LebuRodríguezTravis WissinkHollyMohd Safri SaimanAlpha BitchTonyaGrumpy MattBondJeff TurnerMielus AlexandruKim PriestapMichael J StammerDebi BraulikJim GustafsonChuck SmithLaurie MannyFranciovGordonPage ManPeter AndreasRomainJE AyalaPaul MaiorMelGabe Mirkin, M.D.LadonnaPatrickElvinRamón CañasAlvinEast CoastMarthaKristynDesert SongbirdJaniceJustin TadlockJeff HerringKim ElmoseJoachimJessica SolerDavid LawrenceMarius MuscaluDavid CarlsonEvanThomas, AKA The BossKristian KristensenTom RafteryElanaBert Van WassenhoveChristoffer GrannsCikgu AzleenEmily GoodwinThomas HolmesbeologenTurnbabyPaul BrowneNils KoenigVeronChrisWalter LimAzlan KasimThe LilyGina DoughertyCindyMopaLorena SáezGrapplicaWeb Stuff ScanEdSam JacksonSamChristian Buch IversenIlker YodasJuhaMatt KeeganUros HohkravtPeter MullisonMissy CaulkMouseJack SpirkoChris MoodyJenmomof4TerenceDonnieCharlieJuan Eduardo GalleguillosPaul & JessTechnabobRoger CarrDes WalshJeff BurkettTom PaineTobyJozJozJozTerry NgMissy Brown EyesThomas Watson SteenNenAAngelaKristelChristine Louise HohlbaumTaniaDragos RouaJonas DiegoAldian PrakosoSuzanneMonarchRobSally GreenAdam AustraliaJames CherkoffclaudinhoHillaryGeraldAngelicaNick RiceLi EvansRoyDiego GajardoAkhilKatie BairdJasonEdward WillettNicola MattinaElizabethMichael EisenbergJohn TanJerold & Terry SmithRoberto IglesiasColleenGary CarsonIan GreyFleaShawn CollinsNancy WhiteJohn StodderBrett TroutNedra WeinreichStefanDebbyGeorge and Alex MielusCarlos Cortés SegoviaRandom EncountersClaudia GonellaJonathan GreeneJerrold LitwinenkoKariannaMichele CoreySuzie CheelJorge CaceresThis Girl's Name Is KateRossHockNatRandy SmytheJohn HollandDonald LatumahinaEric OdomRob EdgerPieter DorsmanTonyMikalBinary BlondeJJ IgnacioJetsetting JulesBill VickJoni JontorJason StoneAde MagnayeAndre ScholtenSusanRichJessica DawnRobyn McMasterNikNikJoseph JaffeJoseph JaffeJames OmdahlAdriaan VerstijnenOld DudeMargaret RomeDomDaniel Johnson JrBetsy WeberGeno PetroChris GriffithJane doughnutChristopher S. PennAlex McArthurDr. HerukhutiSanniMalditang PinayGeek GirlWendyChristophe BrasseurCheesy Knit WitJust Fun 4 UPrincessEdward SantoshIanCarol SkolnickSherryGavinAngie PedersenCheryl StephensAriel WaldmanJulia TemlynSteven AitchisonKathie M ThomasPaul MaiorEfendiZamrinCodycomEricWayne HurlbertAnnetteAnne SherringtonChris HooleyBrad StephensonKlaus FilseckerMichael Mather


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